Couples Massage – 90 Minutes


Product Details

Want to strengthen your bond and experience massage therapy with a loved one nearby? Maybe too nervous to try massage therapy for the first time on your own? Why not book a couples massage? In a couples massage, we place two tables in the same room. One for you and one for your partner. Each of you are massaged by your own Licensed Massage Therapist at the same time. We pride ourselves by offering Therapeutic Massage with our Couples Massages alongside Relaxation Massage with no added fees so that you are guaranteed to get what you need from your session. Whether you need Deep Tissue Massage or Relaxation Massage, we can provide it in your Couples Massage setting. We will also incorporate Hot Towels, Essential Oils, CBD creams, and Cupping.

Online Booking is currently unavailable for Couples Massage. Please call our office (231) 486-6067 to schedule.