Sound Bath

This therapeutic modality utilizes the power of sound vibrations produced by bowls carved from crystal quartz to promote deep relaxation, increase energetic flow, and the alignment of the chakras. Scientific research has shown that sound has a profound effect on our physical and emotional well-being. Every cell in our body has its own vibratory frequency and when we are exposed to specific frequencies, a process called entrainment occurs. Entrainment refers to the synchronization of our body’s rhythms with the external frequencies we encounter. This phenomenon has been studied extensively, revealing powerful effects on mental and physical health and well-being. We now offer this phenomena at Elemental Compass. Join a group or book a private session. Sound baths are offered every other Sunday and spots must be reserved in advance.



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What They Say

I expected a sound bath to be an opportunity to relax and zone out to the balancing and beautiful tones of the crystal bowls. It is, and it is more.

Rebecca has a gift for music. Whether I attend with a small group or on my own, each time she takes me on an unexpected journey. It feels as if she is creating the music specifically for me.

Rebecca is nurturing, she makes me feel safe and guides my journey by starting it by either grounding me or connecting me to source. I am able to immerse myself deeper each session.

Her sound bath feels like meditation; it is deeply relaxing. There is a harmonizing of energy and breath. Then I feel refreshed and centered as we end our session.

I appreciate the gift she so willingly shares.

Thank you Rebecca.”

Kristi H.

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