Cupping Session – 45 Minute


Product Details

Cupping is an ancient practice that dates back to 3000 BC. The first cups were made out of bamboo and horns, then glass, and now today made with hard plastic or silicone. Cupping applies negative pressure to the area. Negative pressure allows us to work the muscles in the opposite way that we would in massage, and sometimes this is more beneficial. Negative pressure allows the skin, fascia, and all underlying structures to be drawn upwards towards the surface of the skin, creating stretching, release, and flushing of the lymphatic vessels. Blood is drawn to the area as well and with blood comes oxygen and nutrients that tight muscles are desperate for.

At Elemental Compass, we add cupping into our sessions free of charge however, if you would like a session strictly devoted to cupping, we provide that service as well. Shorter sessions are best for cupping, therefore we have 30 and 45 minute sessions available.

What to expect: We can apply our cups with or without oil and they can be stationary or glided over the skin. We use a regulated vacuum-seal cup that allows us to control the pressure of the cups on the surface of the skin. Cupping is not painful when controlled this way should be relaxing and productive. Sometimes we will incorporate some Swedish massage to help flush toxins drawn from the cups as well.